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Our JAG Family

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"Family Owned. Family Grown."

JAG Contractors, LLC, is a trusted licensed general contractor in South Carolina, known for its professional and friendly leader, Phillip Roland, Jr. With over 26 years of experience in the construction business, and having grown up working alongside his contractor father, Phil Sr., Phillip acquired all the necessary skills of the trade.  In 2012, he created JAG Contractors to serve the people of the Midlands of South Carolina. Phillip is a devoted husband, father and active member of the community.

Phillip Roland Sr. (Left) and Phillip Roland Jr. (Right)

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Genuine Service

We hold ourselves and our workers to high standards. We accept nothing less than high quality finishes and pay attention to the smallest details. Your home is more than just a building and deserves to be treated as such.


With quality customer service and integrity, we aim to be easily accessible to our clients. We believe in providing reliable services with high-quality materials and affordable prices.

Family Mindset

We believe in putting family first. When you choose JAG you join the closeknit community of members who support one-another through all stages of life.

Growing Together

Our goal is to help service your family's needs while growing a community across the Midlands. 

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